Sunday, July 27, 2008

Heavenfest... It's over!

We were first introduced to this last summer.  Put on a music festival.  At our church.  10,000+ people in attendance.  Why?   

Because God told Dave to do it.  The sign of success was not the 10,000+ people who showed up.  The sign of success was the fact that he was obedient and that God was lifted high.

On the left, you can see a picture of the main stage on Friday (I showed up for a while to help out) that my friend and pastor Rob took.  He has a few more on his site.

I got the privilege of helping with "The Vox", a teaching and comedy area.  I was able to have some friends David and Mary help out there as well.   Some of the people we were hosts to were Jim Copeland from World Venture, Trace Bundy, Cleto Rodriguez and Bradley Hathaway.

I am going to leave with a YouTube video from Trace and Cleto.

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Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job, Joel! It was a little bit more than you just "getting to help" ahem. More like-you ran the vox stage??!?