Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The world is "God Breathed"

I ran across the following quote from a comment discussing "Whatever happened to Bill Gothard".
This world is God-breathed. It is a wild, perilous, vivid, and unpredictable place. You cannot put it into a paternalistic, legalistic box and hope to see His face. Where can we experience God if we refuse to experience anything?
As a parent, I want to keep my son from experiencing pain and injury. On the other hand, those are things that make us stronger.

A case in point is our bones. In a recent podcast on bone health, the woman who was the "expert" stated that while taking calcium was needed, your bones only became stronger with impact. While cycling and swimming are good thing for your aerobic abilities, it is the impact of running or walking or punching a bag that helps increase the strength of your bones.

I've often said that it is my job as a parent to let my son "fail safely" so that he can learn. Each failure helps strengthen his character.