Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We decided we needed some rest and relaxation this year for spring break so off to Orlando we headed.

We tried using frequent flyer miles but that didn't work out so well... Spring Break is, after all, spring break.

Kyle & Joel ended up flying into Atlanta Friday afternoon and meeting Marj's brother Mario who took Kyle home. Because of parent-teacher conferences, Marj flew in early Saturday morning. Joel picked her up and we stayed near the airport, heading to Mario's house (near the Alabama border with Georgia) the next day. We ate breakfast with them and headed to Orlando.

The highlights.
  • Seasons 52 - A restaurant that specializes in dishes prepared with foods that are in season in that particular week.
  • Finding a Whole Foods market.
  • The airboat trip, seeing alligators (from a safe distance).
  • The trip Joel & Kyle took to Cocoa Beach.
  • Creating a "custom" R/C car at "Ride Makerz" (sort of like build-a-bear for cars).
  • Relaxing with little to no schedule