Friday, July 18, 2008

The Spring Project - Meet Zoe

It started as a spring project but ended up being finished this summer.

Many of you have heard or asked about Zoe's Imaginary Friend,  especially "Who's Zoe"?  Zoe is pictured on the CD cover and on the right here.

The CD is done and have been uploaded so they will soon be available for purchase on-line... I'll post again when they are up.

Now about the band.  A few months ago, a group of Qwest employees who were musicians got together at Bill's house for a music day.   We spent the day recording several songs.

Bill (guitar/vocals/producer/engineer) then asked me to help on this project with Matt (viola/keyboards/mandolin).  At the same time, asked if I knew any drummers.  I happen to know a few and contacted Kevin (drums) and we started rehearsals in late March.  Margie (vocals) is a friend of Bills who lends her vocal styles to the song in a great way.  In addition, she has written the lyrics to one of the tunes on the CD and has several more in the works.

A selection of the finished songs are up on the myspace page.  We have Zoe's merchandise, including bumper stickers, etc on the Cafepress Store.  You will soon be able to purchase the CD there as well. 

And about Zoe and her imaginary friends?   Zoe is Matt's daughter.  A few years ago, she had a couple of imaginary friends... You'll need to get the CD to get their names

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