Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Job in a box...

I just finished listening to the book of Job (that's not the thing I get paid doing but the book in the Bible).

Something I realized as I was listening was that we need to be careful as we look at the book for applications in our life. The first 37 chapters are...
  • The setup for the story
  • Job and his "friends" in dialog
The last 4 are...
  • God and Job in dialog
  • The teardown of the story
You find out from the last 4 chapters that neither Job or his friends concept of God and how he works in the world are accurate.

Today, in the Naked Pastor's blog (pastor and artist), he posted this cartoon.

How often do we put our God or our faith in a box? Sometimes, I guess, it is necessary. It gives us parameters to live within. On the other hand, to many people seem to believe that everyone should be the same. That isn't the way God worked in the world. Each tribe of Israel had it's own history and tribal personality. Some failed in their lives with God, some succeeded. That is true with each of us.

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