Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A pat on the back

To myself this time.... I filled my truck up. This is the first time in 40 days. How did I do that? It includes:
  • The truck is small so gets reasonable gas mileage.
  • Since the truck is small, I also don' t have a lot of family riding.
  • Most of the miles I put on are to the bus stop and back.
  • Few other trips than the commute to the bus stop.
  • Several days off due to vacations and holidays.
Do I think I can do that often? No, this was not normal. On the other hand, the truck is 18 years old and still has only 95000 miles....

1 comment:

optionalg said...

40 days without a fillup??? that would be sweet. i would love to bike to work.. but highway 76 and i-70 are not very velo friendly

i just put $40 in my sedan. and that lasts me a week (about 400 miles) ... and i was proud cause i took the car to 450 mmiles (fumes into the gas station)