Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gwen and others...

The other day, in worship band practice Gwen Stefani's (photo left) name came up. Why? I don't know. One of the challenges with Rock & Roll music, however is finding a good and successful female vocalist that "can rock". Gwen is one of those.

My favorites include Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane), Aretha Franklin, Heather Nova, Linda Ronstadt, and Tori Amos. There are quite a few others. In fact, I was a fan of Suzie McNeil on last summer's Rock Star INXS.

Now, in the not quite as successful (and not really Rock & Roll profession), in my opinion, you can't beat Deborah Holland and Maddy Prior.


Carol Ann said...

Gwen came up in conversation that night because I was on as a female vocalist and Dave McNerlin was on as sound engineer extraordinaire. So, I decided to test his expertise by asking him to tweak the sound however he needed to so I would sound like Gwen. Sigh...even that didn't work!

Hooray for Gwen and her contribution to the vocal waves of this world. :-)

Rob said...

Suzie Mcneil is awesome! I like your choices and I would add Joan Jett and also Ann Wilson from Heart.