Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life on the BIG BUS!

Since we moved to Brighton, I have been taking the RTD to downtown. For some time, I drove several miles to a Park-N-Ride for a more frequent route. For the most part, I have been taking our regional bus. I figure the $1 increase in cost between the regional and express was well worth it in gasoline and wear and tear on the Toyota truck I drive.

These days, with the increased cost of fuel, more and more people are riding the bus regularly. Most of the routes take a rather circuitous trip but one, the Rx is much more direct. It is also much more full. In fact, we are predictably getting several people standing in at least one direction. Tonight, there were no seats for 4 of us.

I am proud to say, all those standing were men. We only had to stand for 20 minutes or so but at times, things got a little tense with sudden braking.

Why blog this? I was talking to one of the women in the seat next to where I was standing who thanked me for doing that. She mentioned something about being all for "women's lib" when it comes to pay but really liked chivalry when full seats on the bus was involved.

What is chivalry about? It is not that I am stronger, more fit or more durable (or any other capability based measure for that matter) than a women. When it comes to "gallantry toward women", it is about respect. I respect the women who ride that bus home with me. I respect them enough that when it comes to giving up some of my comfort, I am willing to stand until seats are available.

Now if only the RTD board would add another Rx route....


Kathy F. said...

Here, here Joel. I agree with you 100%! In both regards to chivalry and RTD addind another Rx route.

Rob said...

Way to ne a man Joel!