Saturday, November 04, 2006

Freeing the mind?

Thursday and Friday of this week were spent working from home. It is quite nice that Qwest allows this.

On the other hand, one of the bad things about my job is the amount of time I spend on the phone in meetings.

Something happened yesterday that was quite interesting. I was on a call and one of the people sharing his desktop so that all could see was using an application called FreeMind. FreeMind is a "mind- mapping" tool.

According to the Wikipedia mind- mapping link:
Mind maps (or similar concepts) have been used for centuries, for learning, brainstorming, memory, visual thinking, and problem solving by educators, engineers, psychologists and people in general. Some of the earliest examples of mind maps were developed by Porphyry of Tyros, a noted thinker of the 3rd century as he graphically visualised the concept categories of Aristotle. Ramon Llull also used these structures of the mind map form.
FreeMind is a Java application which allows you do do basic mapping. I thought I would try it out next week... maybe my mind will be freed.


c said...

i love freemind.. network mapping, brain storming, password keeping with encrypted nodes, auditing .. i have beeing using freemind for a long time amd love it

Rob said...

I do the Mind Mapping thing quite a bit, as I prepare messages, etc... For me personally, I have tried some of the electronic versions, but I always return to hand notes, arrows, puctures, and blend in my typed words.

Either way, mind mapping is powerful for memory and organizing thoughts.