Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ninja's and Superheros

With Kyle taking karate, he has a large fascination with Ninja, sort of a Japanese superhero but actually "agents of espionage and assassination in feudal Japan and in popular fiction".

Recently, I was talking to our worship leader Dave and some others and we mentioned how thrilling it could be to watch a "true to life" movie of King David in the Bible. One of my favorite stories (leading into the superhero theme) is not him killing Goliath but the story of three of his main guys.

2 Samuel 23:14-17 (The Message) reads:
One day during harvest, the Three parted from the Thirty and joined David at the Cave of Adullam. A squad of Philistines had set up camp in the Valley of Rephaim. While David was holed up in the Cave, the Philistines had their base camp in Bethlehem. David had a sudden craving and said, "Would I ever like a drink of water from the well at the gate of Bethlehem!" So the Three penetrated the Philistine lines, drew water from the well at the gate of Bethlehem, and brought it back to David. But David wouldn't drink it; he poured it out as an offering to God, saying, "There is no way, God, that I'll drink this! This isn't mere water, it's their life-blood--—they risked their very lives to bring it!" So David refused to drink it.

This is the sort of thing that the Three did.
This particular story reminds me of the fighting we saw in "Lord of the Rings" or chronicless of Narnia". Full abandon to make sure their leader was safe an comfortable.


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"Full abandon". A great way to live for those we love, including Jesus!

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