Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What my dog teaches me about God...

Having adopted Kiva at the beginning of the year, I am gaining some appreciation of my position within God's family.  Here is why...
  • One of the meanings of the word worship is to lick the face of the one you are worshiping... Like a dog.  Kiva likes to lick my face... From what I understand from other dog people, this is a sign of subordination.
  • He loves to interact with me when I arrive home.  In the same way, I should love to interact with God in the same way.
  • Kiva watches me intently as I do things to make sure there is nothing he should be doing in response.  In a similar way, I should be watching God as he works, looking for the things he wants me to do.
  • Kiva is eager to anticipate my needs.   In the same way, I should be looking to anticipate Gods desires.
  • Kiva corrects himself when his anticipation is wrong.  When I act wrongly, I should correct my actions and align myself with his desires.
  • Kiva has a desire to live in his masters house.

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Jeanie said...

Everything I need to know about being adopted by God I learned from my dog...there is your book title! :)