Saturday, May 09, 2009

Just some fun

I realized how poorly written my last post was... I really need to be more awake when I post.  Rather than retract or change the last post, I figured I'd leave it and, instead, provide you with some amusement.

A song I remember growing up with was called "The Typewriter Song" which was composed by Leroy Anderson.  A conventional version of the song can be seen here.  If you are not familiar with the Typewriter... It predates computers and, for years while doing papers, was the bane of my existence.

Instead, however, I wanted to let you listen to a modern rendition, live, complete with mechanical failure....

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Jeanie said...

I got my first typewriter when I was 8. I learned everything thoroughly wrong, but I used to spend time proof-reading and using my Liquid Paper. Now that I have Spellcheck, I never, ever use it and am only deteriorating.