Thursday, May 21, 2009

From Eternity to Here - Part Three...

Part 3 of "From Eternity to Here" describes God's Eternal Purpose as starting a new species.   Frank reasons that Adam and Eve were a new species which gave birth to humans.  Christ, however, was completely man and completely God, a species not seen until that point in time.   As followers of Christ, we also become part of that new species.

I was a little sad as the book ended.  Only because it ended, however.  Frank finishes the book pointing us back to Christ through telling us about his experiences up to the point of realizing what God's eternal purpose really is.   This is going to be on my "to re-read" list.

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Jeanie said..., work, life...I am only 5 chapters in (and dying to keep going), but I am really loving it! It's like my next step in understanding the love of God (which He was blowing me away with last summer - my very own summer of love from the Father). It is really a great read!