Monday, October 09, 2006

Book Review: The Myth of a Christian Nation

I can finally say that I am finished reading the book "The Myth of a Christian Nation" by Gregory A. Boyd.

It is a challenging book to read as it challenges a lot of our way of looking at America (or any other country for that matter). Rather than going into an in-depth review, I'll refer you to this review done by Vanguard Church.

Instead, I'll tell you my take-aways.
  • There are two kingdoms that we deal with, the "Kingdom Under Heaven" and the "Power over the Earth".
  • When people who should be more concerned with the "Kingdom Under" perspective become distracted or involved with the "Power Over" perspective, the "Kingdom Under" perspective is distorted or harmed.
  • We, as humans, are prone to tribalism, including being drawn to the "Power Over" viewpoint.
  • Jesus did not concern himself with the politics of this world.
  • If it doesn't "look like Jesus" than it is likely a "Power Over" rather than "Kingdom Under"
The thing that I do like about the book is that
  • It is not partisian, unlike the Randall Balmer book I recently read, in fact, throughout the book, you find very little out the political viewpoints of Boyd.
  • He keeps pointing you at Jesus.
I'm going to read it again soon as I think I need it to sink in further.

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