Thursday, October 12, 2006

Admitting the wrong...

I pulled a couple of posts off here last night.

These posts pertained to the politicizing of the Foley scandal. I am still upset about the way things are handled for the following reasons:
  • From the news reports, the sending of IMs to pages was a known issue for years by several in leadership
  • It has been handled poorly politically by all sides of the issues. On the
  • Many (not all) of our "christian leaders" have been strangely silent or have condemmed and then made excuses for Foley's behaviour.
  • The conservatives in congress and elsewhere are using this as a "the liberals are attacking me" excuse to garner sympathy.
  • The liberals in congress and elsewhere are forgetting their wrongs and vilifying the concervatives.
Sometimes, I think we should term limit the lot and start all over with fresh elected officials who care about the people they represent.

All the time, I think we as followers of Jesus should divorce ourselves from the politics of this country and start looking at the people who need Jesus.

This is NOT a cry to say DON'T VOTE. This is a cry to say.... VOTE WISELY!

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