Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A tale of air

This story starts out some time ago...

Once upon a time, in 2004, it came time to blow out the sprinkler lines. A trip to the local hardware superstores and pawn shops found nothing to help without investing a LOT of money. As a result, we drafted a "hero" of sorts, my Brother-In-Law, to come and help. Mark brought his air compressor over and we blew out the lines.

Some time later, in 2005, it came time again to blow out the lines. The air compressor that tempted me was more money than I wanted to spend but.... A new Home Depot had just been built near my house. A trip there and I found it! The air compressor I wanted to invest in... The problem was, money. My neighbor had a solution! I could borrow his! Using Mark's example, I blew out the lines. In the mean time, however, I started planning. If I asked for gift cards for Home Depot, that air compressor could be mine.

I made it through Christmas, Anniversary, Valentines Day, Fathers Day and finally, my birthday. The $$ on the gift cards covered the $$ for the air compressor. Yea!

My family and I went to Home Depot and alas, they were almost out of the model I wanted. I took the second to the last one there. Kyle and I assembled it but... OH NO! It wouldn't turn on!

Let me take you down a literative bunny trail here. For years I went to Home Depot near our old house because of prices and the things they carried. I didn't go there for customer service. When we found the one near us in Brighton had opened, one of the first things we noticed was the helpful friendly people that worked there.

I took the non-functional compressor back last weekend. There was no hassle, in fact, the only thing they did was to plug it in to verify the facts.

This one did work so I'd like to say....

Thank You to the Brigton Home Depot for your helpfulness in a time of stress and disappointment.

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