Saturday, September 23, 2006

Free music and more free music

I just got the latest episode of the "Bored-again Christian" podcast. Number 45 to be exact.

A couple of interesting things are contained in the all (well mostly) music episode.

  1. A new Switchfoot release was announced with a song that, according to the host "Just Pete", will not be on the release and will not be on the radio. It is good.
  2. He played a song from Derek Webb who is giving away his album at his website. The song I heard was good enough that I thought I'd download it.
Now for the downside. Derek uses a form of viral marketing that I have never been comfortable with. Along with giving my name and email address, he requests the name and address of 5 others to get the download. I do, however, believe him when he says that they email addresses will not be retained.

In a way, this is my way of complying guilt free with his marketing techniques... Listen to the Bored-again Christian podcast, then pop from the website over to check out Derek Webb's free download.

1 comment:

JP said...

Thanks, Joel. It is good stuff, isn't it?