Sunday, July 09, 2006

Super Nova

Last years Rockstar:INXS was one of my favorite summer "reality shows"**

This year, there is a new band forming from Rockstar:SuperNova made members of Motly Crue (Tommy Lee), Guns N Roses (Gilby Clark) and Metalica (Jason Newsted) and the winner of this competition. Because I was a fan of INXS and enjoyed their music and these three guys were never my favorites, I faced this show with some trepidation, I was pleasently suprised!

I don't know why but this years contestants seem to be much better quality on the whole. There are more women this year (it may just seem so... a count shows the same number) and the band openly states a woman fronting for them would be alright.

Warning, however, the language, while being within the bounds of broadcast television, is a bit on the raw side for kids. Phrases like "You kicked ____" abound.
** Excuse me while I digress but what reality show is truely reality. I have never lived on an island, been flown to a mansion with a dozen attractive women, been asked to audition for a recording contract on nationwide TV.


Carol Ann said...

We watched last week a kick out of the Duran Duran song choice for the guy who was voted off last week. Song choice is everything, they say....we'll see.

Glad you're will be fun to talk about. Have you picked a favorite yet? We haven't...but will over the next few weeks.

Joel Frederick said...

It's a little hard for me to pick a favorite yet.

I do think that on the whole, the men were quite a bit weaker performers than last year and for the most part, the women quite a bit better.

The top performers so far? Delana, Lukas, Dana, Jenny and Jill.

Although I wasn't thrilled with the arrangement, I really liked Zayra's performance.