Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have been thinking about God's reverse economy. What do I mean by that?

There is the concept that we are given by Jesus where he tells us that "The last shall be first, the first shall be last". Even though this is in the New Testament, we actually see the reverse economy quite a bit earlier!

After Isreal had been around for some time with no king, the people decided they wanted a King against God's better judgment. Saul was appointed (and annointed). He looked like a King. Tall, good looking, probably carried himself like a king with a bit of arrogant swagger (my thoughts). After Saul disobeyed God and his family was dethroned, David was appointed. The version of the story that I remember was Samuel, the prophet, went down the line in Davids family going.... "This one must be the king...." with the reply always.... "No".

David was the last one in the family, they even had to pull him in from his job in the fields as a shepherd.

So... Where do I fit in this economy? Where do you fit?

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Carol Ann said...

Good post, Joel. I love that most of the time God has a different designs for us to follow - the first being last among them. His perspective on our hearts and his modeling of how to serve...his coming to serve...the first being's often polar opposite to how most conduct their lives, yet, when captured and implemented it transforms lives! Thanks for the thoughts.