Friday, September 05, 2008

The Presidential Race

Both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions are behind us.  I've heard Christian friends raving about Sarah Palin.  I've heard others raving about Barack Obama.

Months ago, I heard people (Christians too!) state....
If (fill in the blank) gets elected, I'm leaving the country.

Which I find to be an interesting statement.

Today, Scot McKnight has a response to a letter he received in his "Jesus Creed" blog.  Scot is a professor at North Park College, a writer and a theologian.

A couple of points he hits in his response...
More importantly, on November 5 I will get up and go about my business no matter who gets elected. There will be people who need to hear about Jesus; there will be people who are suffering from systemic injustices; there will be people abusing power; there will be good reasons to drink coffee and eat lunch with colleagues... ...Changing Presidents will not end those needs and those problems and those parts of my life. So, my task as a Christian is to follow Jesus by loving God and loving others as well as I can. Changing Presidents won’t change that one bit. I don’t see that either candidate has the intent of depriving us of these things.
...I don’t hope in the next President. I think that is idolatrous. In fact, hoping in the next President is the first step toward idolizing empire.
Read Scot's full response here.  Then decide who you want leading you.  A man (or woman) or God!

*** Editors note... Google is placing the images on the page, not me.  The ordering is not significant in any way.  In my editor, they were on the same level with (just for the sake of irony) McCain/Palin on the left and Obama/Biden on the right.

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Jeanie said...

Wow-I like that! I am digging my heels in for the next couple of months and praying for wisdome! Eeks!