Saturday, September 20, 2008

Phil Keaggy in Concert

Tonight, Marj, Kyle & I got the pleasure of seeing Phil Keaggy in concert.  He is an incredible musician.  We also got to hear him hit a very wrong note.  Not only that, due to the way he layers his music using a recording device called a Jam Man, we got to hear it a second time after he pointed it out!

The high points of the concert were the dialog he had with the audience and a couple of songs he sang.  In particular, "Your love broke through" and "Salvation Army Band".  I've included a video of "Salvation Army Band" I found on YouTube.

I also found a video of "Your Love Broke Through"

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jeanie said...

Phil Keaggy and "Love Broke Through"???? That is totally one of my "life songs!" LOVED it since the late 70s and have never quit singing it!