Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sometimes it's the little things

Sometimes it is the little things which show us that God cares for us.

Today, I need that reminder (more about that at a later date).

The background? Due to an effort to save money, I have been taking my lunch nearly every day for over a year. The lunches consist of a frozen entree which tends to saves at least $5 daily.

Today, I grabbed the one from the freezer which looked "the best" for the day, a nice little Italian dish with noodles, sauce and meat. It felt a little light so I did a quick check to see if I had gotten just a box. No, from the check, things looked normal so I packed it in my bag and headed out the door. That was my first mistake.

Around lunch time, I went to the break room to heat it up, pulled it out of the box and found I only got one of the three ingredients -- the noodles. Disappointed but not defeated, I figured I'd pop down to the nearest sub shop and buy a nice sandwich and chips. The shop even has Diet Dr. Pepper in the soda machine, a bonus!

A few minutes later, my boss pops in and I hear something about being interested in lunch. I shout out that I am interested and ask where he was going. He said a vendor he was meeting with has bought lunch for the meeting and there were some left that they would share. When we got up there, I found a nice turkey sandwich and a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Considering this sort of thing has happened several times, I hardly think it is an accident!

Thanks God!

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