Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pipe Dreams

Every since I was young, I appreciated animated video. Not the anime that is so popular in Japan but the great quality drawning and cell work that made up things like Disney's "Fantasia".

I remember being on a business trip and going to see "Sister Act" on a Saturday while I was there. The preview for "The Lion King" came on and my jaw dropped. When it was over, I turned to my colleague, Pete and said, "Did you notice the depth of field that they had created?". It was amazing detail. Since then, we have seen the "Toy Story" series, the "Shrek" series, the "Ice Age" series. All those show great quality video.

Four or five years ago, while watching TechTV (now merged with G4), I saw two different Animusic video shorts, "Future Retro" and "Stick Figures". I since have purchased their first video. I recently found my favorite on that DVD on Google Video so I can share it with you! If you want to see more, here is the search results for their videos.

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Donna said...

Way too cool!