Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Podcast Small Group

Coming from a church (Northern Hills) where small groups (we call them Life Groups) are quite an important aspect, I was intrigued when, while listening to a Theater Church (National Community Church) weekly sermon PodCast, they mentioned starting a small group for their "podcast congregation" at the ZoneGathering blog.

It looks like they have started a blog at blogspot (the same site that this one is hosted on), allowing those in their group to contribute.

It will be quite interesting to see how this works out.

It looks like at least one of the members is not new to small groups. She is one of the staff at National Community and has a blog on Dicipleship Groups.

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Heather Z said...

Hey Joel!

This is Heather from National Community Church in Washington, DC. Just saw your post and thought I would say "hello." Our "online small groups" will begin this week. It's definitely an experiement. Anyone who is interested can get more information on joining here:

Would love to hear more about what you guys are doing with small groups! We are always learning from other people.