Friday, December 24, 2010

A new dentist in his crowing glory

I was scheduled to go to my dentist of 10+ years next week. It has made sense to drive the 20 miles to Thornton 2 times a year because I can go to the dentist, then drive to the Park & Ride and catch a bus to downtown.

Last month, however, Qwest moved our office to an area where it made absolutely no sense to try mass transit. I found, however, that my commute is actually shorter if traffic cooperates.

The new dentist had been advertising this cool thing called a waterlase. It sounded high-tech and cool so I called. They had a check up appointment on Wednesday so I canceled my old dentist. Going to visit was quite the experience.
  • Digital X-Rays.
  • A review of the teeth by the dentist
  • Digital pictures
  • The explanation that I need crowns (I've never had them before) -- some sooner than later.
So, off we go... Yesterday, they prepped the teeth for crowns, sent the molds to the back, they "printed" the crown on a 3-D mill and re-filled a tooth. In the afternoon, I walked out with 3 crowns for the new year.

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