Thursday, October 14, 2010


I've been listening to Jeremiah on the Daily Audio Bible for the last couple of weeks. It has been interesting and, as a result, enjoyable. Here is a summary of what I've discovered.
  • Lots of talk of judgement.
  • God "divorced" Israel because of their unfaithfulness to him (idolatry).
  • Both Israel and Judah are referred to as "prostitutes" because of their actions. I found an interesting parallel to the references to the prostitute mentioned in Revelation.
  • There appear to be lots of parallels with Judah and the Church.
  • The deception by false prophets seem similar to some pastors and their congregations.
  • Jeremiah was given the task of wearing linen underwear, then hiding it to let it rot as an illustration to Israel.


{jeanie} said...
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jeanie said...

I have always believed God's hatred for divorce was because he understands it - the ripping and tearing of the one flesh, based on the fact that He was dicovrced. That is NOT what I grew up being taught - just something I saw when I read that In Jeremiah. He gets the pain of it...but as I heard Mark Lowery say recently, He couldn't pastor a Baptist church now. Hahahha!