Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kyle at Black Belt University

Kyle had a big weekend this weekend... His Black Belt University. Last year, most of his friends (you can see quite a few in the background) were promoted to black belt but Kyle didn't make it. We haven't heard yet about this year but have hopes that he will have earned it this year.

We heard a lot of good reports from those that were there more of the time we were. Like the kick to the chest he took from Quanginim and popped back up to continue sparing or his board breaking on the first night.

The following video... This shows Kyle with a 1 inch concrete brick (the kind you get at the garden center for lawn & garden landscaping).

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Mark Vander Schaaf said...

Let me be the first to add a comment: Kyle is AWESOME! I'd be glad to have him on my side in one of those Frederick-Vander Schaaf football games.

So Joel, are you trying to keep up with him? :-)

Cuz Mark