Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pastor Appreciation Month

I just found out that October is "Pastor Appreciation Month". We are supposed to show our pastors how much we appreciate what they do for us.

I do appreciate my pastors, both past and present.

I do, however, have a squishy feeling about this. Why? Because it is being used as another marketing ploy by the book sellers to get you and me to buy books. Our business' can't leave well enough alone and spoil everything just to make more.

(climbing off the soapbox...)


Scott said...

No kidding! I started getting Halloween cards from relatives with the unspoken expectation that I reciprocate. What's next? Hallmark Cards for Presidents Day? And really it's all meaningless. Forced appreciation is no appreciation at all. How much is Valentine's busyness done out of obligation rather than true adoration? . . . dismounting soap box.

Jeanie said...

My brother Joe just wrote me about his churchs' attempt at appreciation. They'd heard they should do it and went and bought a "package." He said it means a lot when people show true appreciation and it comes from their hearts, but he also mentioned how uncomfortable it is when they are doing it because the Christian bookstore told them to. His church rounded up families to bring them dinner each Friday night in October and 2 of the families already forgot! Haha. Good intentions and poor execution. That being said, from experience I can tell you, the best appreciation? A gift from the heart of cold, hard cash! It blesses men who do not get overtime nor bonuses. Hmmm....think I have soome giving to do!