Monday, March 23, 2009

re: The Coming Evangelical Collapse

I don't know how close to reality The Christian Science Monitor's piece on "The Coming Evangelical Collapse" is.  It is thought provoking, however.

The disclaimer is that, unlike in the Old Testament law, we no longer kill the prophets who are wrong -- if we had, there would be a whole lot of missing end-times prophets.

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Jeanie said...

That is pretty thought-provoking, though a lot of it doesn't take a big leap to see coming. While the unknown causes some trepidation, I remain convinced God isn't a bit worried. Jesus remains the head of the Church and God always has a people. A remnant always remains. I hope I have the courage, if indeed things are tremendously different in ten years, to go where He is going and say what He is saying and that I will be living as evidence of who He is!