Tuesday, December 09, 2008

zOE's on Coverville

In October, Brian, the host of Coverville announced a "Coverville Idol" around the band Squeeze.

zOE's iMAGINARY fRIEND got together for brief studio effort with the result being "If It's Love".

You can download the song for free and, if you are a Squeeze fan, listen to the rest of the songs here.  All the songs are being released as a Squeeze Tribute CD called "Take Them (They're Yours)".

And, by the way, we'd love for you to vote for our song here.


Jeanie said...

You guys are such rockers! Is that Margie as in your wife singing??? She is awesome! the bass player is pretty good, too. :)

Joel Frederick said...

No, different Margie...

Thanks... We have fun in the studio... And don't mind not touring either.