Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jubilee Years and Restoration

We sang a song by "delirious" this weekend called "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble" this Sunday.  There is a line in the song that paints interesting symbols in my mind.
And here we see that God you're moving
A time of Jubilee is coming
Jubilee is mentioned in Leviticus 25:8-55 and is part of The Law that God gave to Israel.  

There are two special years mentioned in The Law.  The first is the sabbath year which occurs every 7th year.  The other is the year of Jubilee which is to occur every 50th year.

Every 7th year, the people were supposed to:
  • forgive all debts
  • release all hebrew servants
  • read the law at the Feast of Tabernacles
I remember my Dad practiced his own "sabbath year" with the land by rotating crops.  I don't remember if it was exactly a 7 year rotation but it was close.  This allowed the land to renew by planting crops that didn't leach one particular mineral out of the soil and let others replace the nutrients the others need.

Every 50th year, Israel was to:
  • let the land lie fallow (not plant crops)
  • give back any land purchased from others.
  • release all slaves
I don't remember seeing (and I have heard others say this) any record of Jubilee being celebrated in the Old Testament.   Maybe it was and not recorded but you might expect to see it once.

The year of Jubilee was to be a time of restoration.  A time which foreshadowed the coming of Christ and his restoration of the earth.  That is why I liked the lyrics above.

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Jeanie said...

I know-great song. Fallow times are underrated! And Jubilee is like a grace version of Etch-a-Sketch: the heaviness and bondage-gone! Everything lost, restored!