Friday, November 09, 2007

A test of giving and pride

A friend and fellow musician on our worship bands gave me a gift last night that has tested my pride. He had gotten a pair of headphones, then found these, then got another pair of the original as a backup pair. Last night, he offered these to me. THANKS TODD.

I struggled with the gift, offered to pay him for them (he said he'd take a Coke or something). These are the most expensive headphones I have ever used but they also happen to be the clearest sounding headphones I have ever used. As Marj said... What an expression of extravagant love.

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optionalg said...

those 'shure' are nice ... ;)

i love my shure headphones.. and yes.. it wwas hard justifying spending so much on them.. save having a friend that got me a great deal.. and the first time i went out into the datacenter and i was able to think straight without hearing the fans and humm of racks and racks of servers