Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Randall Balmer

I first heard of Randall Balmer when I stumbled across a speech he gave at Calvin College over 2 years ago. You can find that speech, titled "After Billy Graham: The Future of American Protestantism", here but you need Real Audio to listen. I found he even answered the email I sent him after hearing the speech.

My next exposure to Randall was at Christmas last year, watching the "Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory" documentary that my father had recorded from Iowa Public Television. I impressed enough that I wanted more.

I am now reading his book with the same title. So far, he has discussed Calvary Chapel and Dallas Theological Seminary.

My thoughts so far? One question! How much have we, as Christians done, to change the true gospel message that was personally delivered to us 2000 years ago?

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