Thursday, December 01, 2005


Kyle got his Gold Tip belt today in Karate. Between his activity, the recent death of Pat Morita and a recent post on "God's Way" by Rob Kelly, it got me thinking.

I was told that in the movie the "Karate Kid" movie, there is a scene where Daniel is in a tournament and is asked who he studies with. His reply was "Miyagi-do". Kyle was told that a word suffixed in "do" means "The Way Of".

After you read "God's Way", you need to decide if you study with "Jesus-do" or somewhere else.


Dan said...

Welcome to the blogging world!! It's great to have you hear. I've enjoyed reading your thoughts and seeing a little larger glimpse of your life, and I'm looking forward to more! As a friend told me when I started blogging: get ready for some late nights!

dan said...

what i meant to say is: it's great to have you here.

Rob said...

Hi Joel. Great site. I look forward to reading your mind - if you know what I mean.

Carol Ann said...

Hi Joel!
Good to see you've joined the bloggers! I will enjoy reading your blog.
Carol Ann